International Markets and Trade

In this course you will learn about….

  1. Internationalization
    1. Definitions & Benefits
    2. Theories of International Business (Theories of Trade, Pro & Contra int. Trade)
    3. Market Entry Strategies
  2. Global Economic Interdependence
    1. World Trade Structure
    2. Foreign Direct Investment
    3. Migration of Labor
    4. Domestic Trade Impacts from Globalization
    5. Protectionism: Tariffs and Beyond
  3. International Economic Framework
    1. Global Trade Institutions (GATT, WTO, GATS, TRIPS, UNCTAD)
    2. Global Financial Institutions (IMF, Worldbank, BIS)
    3. Other Global Sustainability Institutions (ILO, UNICEF, …)
    4. Regional Institutions (OECD, EU, World Economic Summits, …)

This course will have a case study how to select attractive markets for your own business.InternationalMarketsandTrade_Bolsinger

Information on content of this course can be found in the current ELearning course of the FHWS.