Courses from master, diploma and bachelor programs for which I have been responsible for didactics and content are listed here (as of 03/2023). The current contents are available in the restricted areas for my students only.

English language:

  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Development Economics
  • Sustainable Digital Business Models
  • Ethical Leadership – Serving organizations in a pluralistic world
  • Ethical Reflections in a pluralistic World
  • International Trade & Markets
  • Social Entrepreneurship in an international perspective
  • Sustainability Competence in Action
  • Value-oriented Argumentation
  • Global Impact Entrepreneurship

German language:

  • Successfully designing and writing theses
  • Digitalization Ethics
  • Development policy
  • Ethics of digital media
  • Ethics in product and project management
  • Ethics in PR and corporate communications
  • Fundamentals of human-centered management – Sustainable economics
  • Marketing and brand ethics
  • Media ethics
  • Sustainability competence
  • Sustainable business
  • Economics: markets, information, values
  • Values management and organizational development
  • Values-oriented innovation management
  • Values-oriented corporate management
  • Measuring prosperity
  • Ethics for Editors
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Terrorism and terror as a global challenge
  • Business Ethics
  • Economics – Fundamentals and dogmatic history
  • Social Market Economy
  • Business Ethics &
  • Economic Policy
  • Impact Entrepreneurship