Advancing Agriculture with Human-Centric AI Solutions: Impact AgTech startup NeuBiom Labs launches AgroNeuBot @THWS Business School Germany

NeuBiom Labs, a pioneering Deep Impact AgTech startup based in Kerala, India, announces the launch of AgroNeuBot, a cutting-edge Agricultural AI chatbot set to transform the landscape of farming in India and beyond. Driven by a mission to democratize human-centric AI tools, NeuBiom Labs is founded by researchers Sooraj K Babu and Dr. Sooraj Krishna, experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and human-centric design, with a profound passion for agricultural innovation. The vision of NeuBiom is to empower farmers with accessible, human-centric AI tools that facilitate data-driven decision-making, thereby bridging the knowledge gap and digital divide in agriculture.

Sooraj K Babu (NeuBiom Labs), Prof. Dr. Harald Bolsinger (THWS), Dr. Sooraj Krishna (NeuBiom Labs) @THWS Business School Lecture about CSR & Impact Entrepreneurship
Sooraj K Babu (NeuBiom Labs, Universität Würzburg), Prof. Dr. Harald Bolsinger (THWS), Dr. Sooraj Krishna (NeuBiom Labs, Sorbonne Université Paris) @THWS Business School Lecture about CSR & Impact Entrepreneurship

AgroNeuBot: Empowering Farmers Through AI

AgroNeuBot represents a significant leap forward in agricultural technology, offering farmers comprehensive support in areas such as farming practices, crop management, pest control, and more. Its intuitive interface, accessible via mobile or computer, enables farmers to engage in natural conversations, making AI-driven insights easily accessible. Furthermore, AgroNeuBot continuously learns and improves from user interactions, providing personalized action plans tailored to individual farm data and goals.

Central to NeuBiom Labs’ latest endeavour is the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, namely the combination of Knowledge Graph and Language Model (LLM). This groundbreaking integration promises not just efficiency, but a paradigm shift in digital agricultural practices. Knowledge graphs enable the system to organize and comprehend extremely complex and vast amounts of agricultural data, while large language models empower it to interpret and generate insights from this data, providing farmers with tailored recommendations and solutions. Upcoming months will see many more releases of related tools and services, enabling farmers to make informed decisions with unprecedented precision.


Addressing Climate Change Challenges and Driving Social Impact

In the face of climate change, agriculture confronts unprecedented obstacles, from unpredictable weather patterns to the spread of pests and diseases. NeuBiom Labs recognizes the urgency of providing farmers with adaptive solutions. AgroNeuBot’s advanced capabilities in data analysis and forecasting are poised to help farmers mitigate the impact of climate change on their livelihoods. Through strategic collaborations with industry and academia, NeuBiom is working to ensure that its AI solutions are accessible to all farmers, particularly those in marginalized communities. By democratizing AI-driven tools, NeuBiom Labs aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

In India, where agriculture is not just an industry but a way of life, and still many farmers lack access to critical information, resources and modern technology. NeuBiom Labs understands the unique challenges faced by Indian farmers and is committed to addressing them. By leveraging state-of- the-art AI technologies, NeuBiom provides tailored solutions that empower Indian farmers to make informed decisions and improve productivity.

NeuBiom Labs developed its startup vision with the Würzburg Deep Impact Lean Startup- approach (Bolsinger /Hanheiser). The company receives entrepreneurial support at THWS from the THWS start-up promoter for Impact Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Harald Bolsinger. The innovative founders gave an exclusive guest lecture for students at the THWS Business School in Würzburg: “Such deep and personal insights into the motivation and vision of innovative impact founders at first hand are a treat for our students!” says Bolsinger, pointing out the need for such “hands-on examples” to inspire students to develop their own sustainability projects.

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AgroNeuBot is available here:

AgroNeuBot in Action:

AgroNeuBot in Action
AgroNeuBot in Action