SS12_BW_UETH: Spiritual foundations of values in the marketplace – Core values of Islamic Banking

Despite the economic slowdown in the times of last financial crisis, Islamic banking resumed its rapid growth. The outlook for this specific banking industry is still promising and the market is attracting interest from all over the world. We want to have a look at spiritual foundations and core values of this fascinating kind of financial business in the marketplace.

Our guest speaker teaches at Erciyes University Social Sciences Vocational College (Kayseri/TURKEY) . As member of the Turkish Economic Association and referee of many Turkish scientific journals our guest speaker has published about the impact of openness on the profitability in Turkish manufacturing industries and of tourism on economic performance in turkey, about competition in the Turkish banking industry and efficiency in the Turkish banking sector. He is an expert of market structure in Turkish and EU banking sector and will give us insights into the core values of Islamic banking.


A warm welcome goes to:

Tuncay ÇELİK
Associate Professor




07.05.2012 (Vorlesung Gruppe 1) 13:30 Uhr, H.1.5

08.05.2012 (Vorlesung Gruppe 2) 15:15 Uhr, H.1.11

Würzburg, Sanderheinrichsleitenweg 20