What does pizza have to do with sustainability?

What does pizza have to do with sustainability?

A lot, as students in the Master’s degree course on Managing Global Dynamics at THWS Business School discovered. With this self-selected topic, the students embarked on a professionally coached journey of self-discovery, through production processes and meaningful business opportunities.


The Triple Master Degree Program “Managing Global Dynamics” offers practice-oriented education at a high level, based on the latest scientific findings. The aim is to promote the ability for sustainable international corporate management in the digital age. The management skills taught include understanding and reflecting on individual intrinsic motivation, promoting diversity and creating non-bias project environments, accurately understanding sustainability with justice as the ethical core and creating resilient business models in the real and digital space.

The modules Sustainability Competence,  Ethical Reflections and Digital Business Models are taught by a three person, highly experienced team from business and academia with extensive project and practical components. Two of the approaches that are explained and used in the analysis of current challenges are “Deep Impact Lean Startup” and “Inner Development Goals“. A group of Italian students has excellently combined these approaches to develop a solution for a more sustainable production of mozzarella. The team of Alfredo Vitelli, Enza Vece, Sonia Soriente and Valentina Cicalese dedicated themselves “entirely to taking action, establishing a thorough awareness of the overall problems and putting into practice the actions necessary to deal with it.” Their project is an excellent example of the practice of Inner & Outer Development Goals as a basis for Deep Impact Lean Startups. In the letter below, the team turns to you to find fellow campaigners for the realization of their sustainable project and at the same time profitably realize their idea:

“Dear readers,
we are a group of four Italian students, currently at the THWS. By participating in the course with professors H. Bolsinger, P. Holland and B. Hanheiser we had the opportunity to learn also about the Inner Development Goals Framework. We decided to put this theory into practice by using this framework to develop our project.
Why did we choose this framework?
Because we believe that it can represent the right path to lead us not only to personal growth, but also to a meaningful life in relation to the external world. Starting from a reflection on ourselves, we focused on our origins and the elements characterizing our territory. From here, thanks to a brainstorming activity, we combined different perspectives on problems that each of us feels we have to face. This phase has led us to a deep connection with the territory we live in, highlighting the responsibility we have to protect and preserve it.
However, we know that it is difficult to do great things alone. From here, our path continued with the development of collaborations, to make our commitment effective immediately.
Afterwards, we dedicated ourselves entirely to acting, making awareness of the problem practical and putting into practice the actions necessary to deal with it. We believe in our idea!

Kind regards.
Alfredo Vitelli, Enza Vece, Sonia Soriente, Valentina Cicalese”

As a positive side effect, when reviewing parts of their presentation here, you can discover the innovative power of the Inner Development Goals, which are always the basis for Deep Impact Lean Startups: SerolifeTeaser

The following questions were raised by the students through the application of the Inner Development Goals Framework: SEROLIFE Questions

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